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Photo Digitization

Two of our favorite places to shop for organizing products is the container store and Thirty One.


Organize First, Buy Second - As hard as it may be, it's always best to organize your stuff to see what you have and out of those things, what you need to keep, and then you'll have a visual sense of the organizing items you need to buy.

Group Like Items - Gather items such as photos and office supplies and put them together in the same closet, drawer or room.

Garage - It's always easiest in Texas to organize your garage in the Spring or Fall when it's not too hot.  Racks that hang from the ceilings can be very helpful in storing seasonal items that aren't used everyday.  Hang as much as you can on the wall to get it off the garage floor.

Photos - Some people like their photos to be in chronological order, others like thematic organization such as holidays, vacations, school, etc.  There isn't a right or wrong way to do it, the choice is yours.  If you decide that chronological order is best for you, make a time line notating when specific events happened and then start sorting.  Post it notes with years can be helpful when sorting.

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Need a portable photo scanner?

This one is battery operated and great for family reunions and other places where are large photo scanner isn't practical.

Flip Pal Scanner

Home Organizing

Need help digitizing your photos, memorabilia and old home movies?  We can help!  Check out these websites for more information.



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